What Clients Are Saying

What clients are saying:


“I had the pleasure of attending a workshop that Cathy facilitated using the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) model with a team that had done the DISC profile. Using the ORSC model, she was able to make what can be a challenging workshop interactive and meaningful to the participants. Each person was heard and I could see and feel the change in them individually and with their colleague relationships through better appreciation of their unique styles. Overlaying the ORSC model onto the DISC profile was brilliant and Cathy’s relaxed and easy facilitation style made for a fun, safe and engaging day of discovery!”

Sandy Lewis, MAPP, ACC; President, Business, and Exec. Coach at Positive Shift, LLC


“The super power that Cathy brought the most to her coaching with me was Dancing With the Moment. When I brought tumultuous thoughts to our coaching time, she held the maelstrom with finesse, and the weather pattern went from thunderstorms to blue skies.

I don’t think I’ve had more energy to push forward with my career transition, and I give Cathy all the credit for helping tease it out!”

— Stephen Starkey, Partner at Courage Labs, LLC


“Cathy provided a wonderful ‘DiSC’ activity for our Coaches Circle in October, 2016. It was both fun (we were up and moving for the activity) and very instructive and gave us all a new perspective on the 4 Styles of DiSC. I plan on ‘stealing’ it for an upcoming client (with Cathy’s permission, of course). Thank you, Cathy, for a great evening.”

Tina Barry, Founder & President of Barry Consulting Group

jeanie“I have been fortunate to work with Cathy one on one as my Executive Coach; her approach inspires and holds accountable the progress I desired to make. While working with her I successfully changed from an un-filling position to a leadership role that embraces my strengths and is more fulfilling. Cathy’s approach was articulate, provided new perspectives and guided me to put the framework in place to achieve the results I wanted. I look forward to continuing this relationship as I strive to continually grow and develop.”

Jeanie Y. Mulhern, MHROD, SPHR, SHRM-SCP; CPO & Licensed Real Estate Professional at The McCall Team at Keller Williams


“I have had the privilege of having Cathy provide coaching to me using the brain-based coaching methodology. Cathy is in excellent coach that I highly recommend. She has been able to help me focus on what is top priority and has helped me see my accomplishments in a very encouraging way, while holding me accountable to my goals.

Cathy is also knowledgeable about business issues and is able to provide her expertise and wisdom when sharing her experience, information and ideas. I appreciate her generosity and ability to sift though things in order to focus on what is most inspiring and important for me to address. Working with Cathy has been a huge benefit for me with my personal development and growth. She is excellent at what she does!”

Tammi Wheeler, MA, SPHR; Principal & Sr. Consultant at PeopleSense, LLC

travis.jpg“Cathy is a brilliant and full of excellent ideas. She is quick to recognize good ideas and to time them into other ideas. She incredibly motivated and constantly surprises me with how much she can accomplish in a short amount of time. I’d encourage anyone to work with Cathy whenever they get the opportunity.”

Travis Marsh, CEO & Chief Coach at Masters Mark


“Cathy really saw me through a tough transition period in my life. She helped me break down an overwhelming situation into doable, attainable goals. After three months I feel like I’m in a much better situation and have gained skills that will help me achieve more goals in the future. She’s also very personable and a great listener. Highly recommend!!”

Lauren Jennings, Chief Creative Consultant at NASHONA

Kate M. Daniels, President of Wayne County Chamber of CommerceCathy Graham - WC Chamber