Team Coaching

  • Coach teams, couples and partnerships using various methodologies including:
  • Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching system by CRR Global.
  • Certified facilitator of 5 Behaviors of the Cohesive Team by Patrick Lencioni and Wiley. The foundation of the cohesive team is Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.
  • ScrumMaster Certification in 2015. Agile coaching development teams since 2014.

Team Coaching
Results from team coaching include:

  • Designed team alliances for more effective meetings and cross collaboration.
  • Kick started Information Systems team to align management and team collaboration. Transparency created more effective processes and increased customer satisfaction. Project for process improvement tripled sales after just 3 weeks of team development.
  •  Led employee team to implement exercise and community service reward programs increasing retention and employee satisfaction survey scores by 20%.

Feedback from team coaching:

“Cathy also helped to pull our group together to build a team. She created a safe environment where we could share our weaknesses and areas in which we needed to work without judgment. Our team learned about each other well enough through this workshop to navigate the sometimes daunting task that group work can be. By the end of the Leadership Wayne program our team was successful in completing a beautiful Reading Garden for the Boys & Girls Club of Wayne County. I owe a portion of this success to the leadership foundation that Cathy built at the beginning of the program.”

“Do things right instead of right now”

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