Executive Coaching

ICF Certified Coach with exemplary experience with executives, new leaders, and high potentials. Primary modality is the Results Based Coaching program developed by the Neuroleadership Group.Executive Coaching

Results from Executive Coaching include:
• Able to impact Staff Retention, turnover, Employee satisfaction, productivity and then some.
• Helped develop an Executive who is approachable with their staff, focused on team collaboration and individual development resulting in improved staff retention.
• Manager who had difficulty delegating realized their limiting beliefs (i.e. only I can do it right) resulting in a mentoring approach to his associates increasing production by 32%.
• High potential achieved highly regarded industry credential after setting strategies and action plan and stayed the course through reflection and accountability.
• Conflict avoidant Executive learned to detach from win – lose mentality and remain the active observer rather than victim. Allowed them to step into situations that had previously been ignored. Developed staff, loyal employees.

Certified to deliver various assessments to determine communication style, leadership alignment and cultural fit including: MBTI, Everything DiSC, Hogan, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders and Everything DiSC 363.

Excerpts from Linked In recommendations:

“I don’t think I’ve had more energy to push forward with my career transition, and I give Cathy all the credit for helping tease it out!”

“Cathy is brilliant and full of excellent ideas. She is quick to recognize good ideas and to tie them into other ideas. She’s incredibly motivating and constantly surprises me with how much she can accomplish in a short amount of time.”

“I appreciate her generosity and ability to sift though things in order to focus on what is most inspiring and important for me to address. Working with Cathy has been a huge benefit for me with my personal development and growth. She is excellent at what she does!

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